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Ski all day, party all night

G'day snow freakers! As you know, I get sad when ski time stops. But that final hour when the sun gets low and the last lift rotates round the bull wheels of Hotham always makes me hungry to continue the snow boogie.

By DJ Eddy
3 Humans of Hotham

Ahoy snow freaks and party people.
Let me take you on my Hotham post snow sliding night life and spa flowcharts.

As the last chair rotates around the Hotham bullwheels and the sun sets, I try and sneak one last run in…and start thinking après fun and deep night disco parties.

A day out with Eddy

First I’ll swing into Zirky’s to sip a stein of Piltzner and get some oompah, then jump across the road to the Bird for an acoustic tune and a sweet wine, then one more road jump back, to lap at a cocktail and some guitar strumming tunes out of Chill Bar. Then I jump on the Hotham party bus and vibe on the driver’s Led Zepplin or a Tribe called Quest as I head to the Genny.

DJ Eddie Shredding Mt Hotham
DJ Eddie Shredding Mt Hotham

There I watch Benny Williams sing stories of North East Alpine life. Benny is one of the many live artists who play at The General, including: Dallas Frasca, Owl Eyes, Asta, Tash Sultana, Pearce Brothers, Ash Grunwald, and 28 Days, as well as the local favourite fiddler Meghan Thompson.

Benny yells out between songs “ Eddy aren’t you Djing tonight?” “Aghhhh. I forgot ! I was just about to jump in the spa.”

So now its my turn to push the volume knob all the way to 11. I bolt upstairs to the nightclub to make sure the toaster is ready (yes – I run 2x cdj 2000 Pioneer decks and a toaster in the third channel.) The toaster is so you fruitcakes can have Vegemite toast to keep you going through the night. I also have to warm up the leaf blower so you dance floor freakers can cool down and look like you’re in a Van Halen film clip.

Now Dj-ing in snow clubs is a radical beast – gotta be ready for all comers. When you check the line up outside the Genny, there are 78 year old ski bums and 18 year old valley chicks ready to twerk down to a mash up of house, hip hop, nineties anthems and electron beats. Of course there’s a few other zones on the hill and in Dinner Plain – Swindlers, Arlberg, Dinner Plain Hotel and High Plains Hotel – which might just be your tankard of wine.

DJ Eddie worshipping the Mt Hotham Snow Gods
DJ Eddie worshipping the Mt Hotham Snow Gods
DJ Eddie and The Mt Hotham General Squad
DJ Eddie and The Mt Hotham General Squad

So this is my recipe for a party night at Hotham. You snow freakers I know will make your own parties. Maybe in a lodge, maybe in the sauna. Just remember to invite me.

DJ Eddy signing off…..
see you on the dance floor of life !

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